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Update Challenge

Update an app for any of the Nokia Create Mini Missions or the Do Good Mission

Update an app for any of the Nokia Create Mini Missions or the Do Good Mission





For Windows Phone.

Sep 12, 2013 00:00:00 UTC

Dec 31, 2013 23:59:59 UTC


Update an app for any of the Nokia Create Mini Missions or the Do Good Mission and get a 200 XP boost.

Your Windows Phone 8 app must be entered into a Nokia Create Mini Mission or be an update for the Do Good Mission and:

  • Employ Fast App Switching.
  • Include all three sizes of Live Tiles.
  • Follow the Windows Phone Design Language.
  • Support ALL Windows Phone 8 screen resolutions.

The app’s update must also include the addition of features based on the Mini Missions subject technology or for the Do Good Mission. See details of the Mini Missions: 5 (Big Screen) and 6 (Localisation); and stay tuned for more Mini Mission announcements. Note that Mini Missions 1 (Imge & Photo), 2 (NFC), 3 (Maps and Places) and 4 (Music) are now closed and apps for feature covered by these missions submitted on or after 1 October will not be accepted.

Your app must be your original work. If you incorporate other software to create your application, you must comply with the terms and conditions applying to the use of that other software. Direct use of example code supplied by Nokia Developer, as per the code examples’ license agreement, is not permitted.

You may earn XP once only in this challenge.

Apps submitted to this challenge and awarded XP will not be accepted for any New App or New Game challenges, but can be resubmitted for Update and Quality challenges.

Any apps submitted to this challenge must have been originally published before the Challenge’s start date; and then updated after the Challenge’s start date but before the Challenge’s end date. The update date must also fall within the Mini Mission deadlines stated on the Nokia Create website.

Please remember to allow time for your app to be published in Windows Phone Store and show on You are responsible for ensuring that your app is submitted on time.

The apps or games submitted to this challenge must include an English language localization.

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