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App Challenge

My Lock Screen Info v2.0

My Lock Screen Info v2.0




For Windows Phone.

Nov 7, 2012 00:00:00 Utc

Mar 31, 2013 23:59:59 Utc


It’s been one of those days. You flew out of the house with just your keys and phone. Then things got worse, you were involved in an accident! How will the paramedics find out about your allergies, how will the police contact your family? Fortunately, you recorded all of this in your phone. All of your vital information is easily picked up by emergency services from your phone’s lock screen.


This challenge is to create an app that allows the user to add their own information to the lock screen of their Lumia, so that it’s available to anyone who finds the phone. The user can decide what information they want to display, such as medical information, contact details, or even just a personal note in the event they lose their phone.

This application must:

  • Use the Lock Screen API.
  • Use the Wallpaper API.

The app must provide:

  • A background image or color selector.
  • A medical lock screen format.
  • A contact in case of emergency screen format.
  • A general, free format screen.
  • The user with the ability to set a password that is required before editing any content.

The user should then be able to enter their details for any or all of these screens at their discretion, and choose which one to display on their lock screen. The app must also give the user the option to have their lock screen updated periodically, cycling through two or more screen options.

In addition, the following baseline requirements also apply:

Your App/Game must:

  • Support either WP8, WP7.8 or both
  • Follow Windows Phone UI Guidelines
  • Employ Fast App Switching
  • Include all 3 sizes of Tiles
  • Include a Primary or Secondary Live Tile (must flip, cycle, animate, count or update in any other manner with data, images, or text.)

Apps submitted for this challenge will not be accepted for any other new app or game challenge, but can be resubmitted for update and quality challenges. Apps published on the Windows Phone Store before November 7, 2012 won’t be accepted in this challenge.

Links to resources:

This was an application idea identified by Ideas Project contributor Ingrid Botes in Emergency response Ideas Project