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New App Challenge

Complete MVA courses and get free marketing for your new app

Complete MVA courses and get free marketing for your new app





For Windows Phone.

Sep 16, 2013 00:00:00 UTC

Dec 31, 2013 23:59:59 UTC


Have you been participating in Microsoft Virtual Academy? Have an app planned or underway? Publish that app by 15 November 2013 and you may earn not only 750 XP but also one week’s visibility for your app in the Windows Store.

To earn your XP in this challenge and to get your app marketed on the Windows Phone Store, you must have completed at least two courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy, and sent a copy of the completed transcripts and your DVLUP user name to

Then the app or game you publish must:

  • Have a star rating of 4 or above with a minimum of 30 reviews in the India Windows Phone Store
  • Follow the Windows Phone UI guidelines
  • Use Fast App Resume; which must demonstrate resume to a screen other than the app's home/start screen
  • Include a Primary or Secondary Live Tile, which must flip, cycle, animate, count or update in any manner with data, images or text
  • Be first published on the Windows Phone Store after the Challenge's start date but before the Challenge's end date
  • Follow Windows Phone Store policy guidelines
  • NOT be a static app i.e. an app with information about one entity and some pictures will not be eligible.

In addition, your app must include atleast two of the following features:

  • Nokia Imaging SDK
  • Lens API
  • Here Maps SDK
  • Background Location
  • Nokia Music SDK
  • Background Music
  • NFC
  • Speech - TTV(Text to Voice) or VTT (Voice to Text)
  • Wallpaper
  • Lock Screen Notification
  • Custom Protocols (App2App or Custom URL Schemes)
  • Search Extensibility

You can earn XP for one application only in this challenge, once you have earned XP you'll no longer be able to submit apps to this challenge.

Apps submitted to this challenge and awarded XP will not be accepted for any other New App or New Game challenge, but can be resubmitted for Update and Quality challenges.

Please remember to allow time for your app or your game to be published in Windows Phone Store and display on You're responsible for ensuring that your apps and games are submitted on time.

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