Lance McCarthy

Bio, by peers:

Lance McCarthy, Microsoft MVP, is an exceptional community leader with an acute expertise for all things .NET and C# (especially on the XAML stack) as well as HoloLens/Mixed Reality applications. Lance is very helpful online, guiding and answering questions from Microsoft developers on Twitter as @l_anceM. He organizes & hosts events in the Boston area such as user group nights, mini-code camps and full hackathons (like this successful one in Boston)

As a Developer Ambassador at Microsoft and Nokia, Lance sought out and engaged developers through outreach programs and provides them with technical support and resources to make them successful on the various Microsoft platforms and stores.

During the day, Lance is the Manager of US Technical Support at Progress Software, covering the Telerik and Kendo DevTools. Previously he spent 9 years there as a engineer himself, specializing in .NET tooling. Lance and his team supports developers and teams from Fortune 500 companies with their enterprise and consumer applications using Telerik and Kendo UI components.

Lance was also an Assistant Professor at Harvard University, where he helped students build, market and publish successful Windows & Windows Phone applications. He also spent a few years as a quest lecturer at Boston University for the cloud computing students.

He has also appeared on podcasts such as the Windows Developer Show (here, here and here), has been a technical editor for publications and books, has won several app building contests and hackathons (including first place the Microsoft Build 2013 hackathon), and is a published developer with over a dozen apps in the Microsoft App Stores.

For more information about Lance, go to j.mp/LanceMcCarthy

On Behalf of Microsoft

For about 7-8 years, I did a lot of behind-the-scenes work for Microsoft; as a ghost blog writer, video producer and handling the official social media accounts (Sprinklr is awesome). It was a great experience that I dont want to lose these resume fillers and wanted to compile the top items here.

You’ll probably recognize many of these items and had no idea that I was behind the camera/pen. Enjoy the nostalgia!

Official Videos

I was the off-camera interviewer and script writer for the following content

Official Microsoft Blog Posts

For a couple years, I was the main content creator behind the Windows Developer blog content. I published under the “Windows App Team” pen name, with a few exceptions (like a Michael Crump series). The following links are my posts from those years (that I was able to find/remember).

Unfortunately, there are several more that I can’t find links to and are lost to time. However, I built many great friendships while I was there that can attest to my participation in both the blog content, but also the live event content (particularly Microsoft Build).

As I mentioned above, some of that content involved social media, here are some of those items I had fun producing and performing.

Code && Coffee conversations with developers

Code Review interviews I had with developers:


Although much of the code I’ve written has been merged into official demos at some point, there are still some items that are outside that curtain. Here are the items I could find:


I am a lucky hackathon veteran. I have never lost an event that I participated in. Most as 1st place winner, and some in 2 or 3rd place. Here are my favorites.


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